Dig it Vinyl is an online & mobile record store where you can find rare digs and expand your knowledge about the music you love.

On this website you’ll find vintage, refurbished analog equipment from radios, turntable, speakers & more. Check out our rotating inventory on Reverb.com under “Components” section)

You’ll also want to tune in to the weekly blog, the “Album of the Week” section featuring a new album each week where you’ll learn interesting facts and have the opportunity to buy it on sale.

Dig It Vinyl will help you discover new music, learn the history behind it and connect to the music you love. Analog is a lifestyle we fully support.



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We have a No Junk policy

Dig It Vinyl has a no junk policy. We won't sell vinyl that's not playable. We personally listen to all records, clean them and use a special rating system, so you'll know exactly what you're buying. 

Dig It Vinyl is not looking for the quick sale or the quick buck. We want to develop and nurture a community that loves vinyl and enjoys vinyl as much as we do. We’re the virtual neighborhood record store that will help you connect to the sounds of the past.